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Make up  
by Request Only 

Nail Tech/ Makeup Artist

What does Jennifer love best about this profession?: Making people feel pretty and good about themselves.


Hobbies: Anything Arts & Crafts, Shopping and Makeup.

Favorite Way to Unwind: Online Shopping

If she was not in the beauty industry what would she be doing?: Rescuing Cats Full Time

Top Vacation Destinations: California, Colorado, Ireland & Sweden

Licensed Since: 2018



Make Up Artist

Life Mantra:  "The 3 L's" Lashes,Liner and Lipstick can fix anything.

Guilty Pleasure: Reality Shows and Bravo

Services She Loves Performing Most: 

Acrylic Nails, Long nails, Coffin Nails, Nail Art, Anything with Glitter, Dramatic Makeup Smoky Eyes and Lashes.

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